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Mature Massage

This story may not be quite as naughty or graphic as my others, but none the less it was a fun experience that I’ll never forget.

I did something a little different yesterday. I went and got a massage from a wonderful mature lady. Now, I’ve gotten sensual massages before, and they are indeed great. Very relaxing and good for the body, plus the full release at the end is the icing on the cake. There is a masseuse that lives a few miles from where I work. She’s a certified licensed masseuse, however she also works out of her apartment. I’ve never visited her before, but have just seen her pics on her website. The thing that makes this a little strange is she was in her 50’s. Me, being in my early 30’s, love a nice looking mature woman, but I thought, this might be pushing it. However, the more I thought about it the more curiosity got the best of me. She seemed nice and was very easy on the eyes for her age, so I gave her a call and set up an appointment later in the day for a 1-hour sensual massage.

I showed up at her door right on time and she let me in to her cozy apartment. She was very nice and welcoming and mentioned she was pleased to see me. She had a little smirk and called me cutie the whole time. I think she was happy to have this ‘boy toy’ in her apartment. And to be honest, I really loved the thought of being her ‘toy’. 

We walked down her hallway into her bedroom where the massage table was all prepped and ready to go. She had on some mellow music and a candle lit. It was a pretty relaxing setting. She told me I could put all my clothes on the bed and get on the table. So as she got her oils and things ready, I began disrobing. Finally, I was down to only my boxers, and I pulled them down and threw them on the bed. I stood there naked in front of her and she smiled a little and looked me over. I never thought it would feel so good to stand there, with my cock out, in front of a mature lady like that, but I loved it. 

She was wearing a black braw and panties with kind of a sheer robe over them. Sexy, but still covered her up as not to reveal too much.

So I laid face down on the table and she rubbed her hands across my back and butt. She poured some warm oil on my lower back and ass and began rubbing it in. Over the next 20 minutes or so she massaged my body and spent a lot of time around my ass. She would do my back and legs, but would return to my ass quite frequently. Her hands felt so nice rubbing my ass. She never penetrated me, but she got close. She would reach under as well to rub my cock and balls. I would lift my ass in the air to give her easier access. It felt wonderful. This mature lady that I just met, had one hand rubbing my ass and the other hand under me caressing my cock. I was laying there in complete bliss. She could of done whatever she wanted. I spread my legs for her, so my feet were pretty much off the table. She had great access to my ass and balls from that position. I felt like I was in a vulnerable position but it was turning me on so much to be in this ladies room, spreading my legs apart and letting her have my way with my ass. Feeling her oiling fingers rubbing my asshole all while tickling the tip of my cock underneath was sooo hot. I was all hers. The sensation was driving me crazy.

After about 30 minutes of her doing this, I rolled over to my back. I was pretty hard and she asked me right away if I wanted her to take care of it right now. I couldn’t resist any longer and say yes. She gave me a pillow for my head and stood next to my cock. It was so hot, watching this older lady pour oil onto my dick and begin slowly rubbing it. She gently stroked it with her fingers and massaged my balls at the same time. She asked me if it felt good and talked to me softly as her hands slid up and down my oily cock. Her eyes were just stuck on my cock while she did this. She stroked me for about 5 minutes or so, and I told her that I was close to cumming. She kept going with my cock pointing straight up in the air. ‘I’m cumming’ I told her, and she watched closely as I shot 3 or 4 ropes of cum into the air, all over her hand and onto my stomach. She continued to stroke a little more slowly until I came back to earth. This 50 year old lady just made me cum and I loved every bit of it.

She cleaned me up and finished the rest of her massage. She still would rub her hands across my cock and I enjoyed the final 20 minutes of the massage. I think the situation of just being in this older ladies apartment and having her caress and do whatever she wanted to my naked body was a HUGE turn on for me. I think it’s something I’d love to try again!